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100% wellness as a lifestyle may require some lifestyle changes!

Alcohol's harmful effects

Western Medicine has been telling people that moderate consumption of alcohol is good for the heart because it increases blood flow by opening up the arteries. It does do that, but it only lasts for a few hours.

After that, the arteries go back to their original size. Repeated many times, this causes the blood vessels to lose their elasticity. The blood starts to pool, until it no longer reaches the brain. This in turn makes the heart work harder, which means your blood pressure goes up.

But that's just the beginning. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), alcohol is not considered a good thing. We believe it has many negative, long term effects on the entire body. Over time, consuming alcohol, even in moderate amounts, can cause significant damage.

Here is why. Apart from damaging the circulatory system, Alcohol also damages the liver and the kidneys. One glass per week is enough. The chemicals in alcohol kill the cells, hard fibres form, so the liver eventually becomes hard and does not function very well. As more and more liver cells die, it can't do its job properly. The kidneys also have trouble trying to eliminate the alcohol from your body.

Overall, your digestive system starts to deteriorate, and becomes less efficient ridding itself of toxins.

I'll give you an example. I had a patient who had been drinking quite heavily. His wife wanted him to stop, but he wasn't listening. When he came to see me, I looked at his ear and saw that there was a hard spot the size of my little fingernail on the liver meridian. I made him feel that, and told him that was how his liver felt. He stopped drinking right away, and now his body is beginning to heal itself. And his wife is happy,too.

If you drink, your stomach reacts. It becomes swollen and you may lose your appetite. So now you are not eating properly. Some people develop heartburn. In addition, it kills the good bacteria in your small intestine and invites bad bacteria to grow. This in turn affects the large intestine and constipation often results. Once the digestive system has been damaged, the blood is no longer able to deliver nutrients to the body. This in turn causes the bones to become brittle and the skin to thin out. Arthritis is the result of toxins not being eliminated from the body.

The body is also not getting enough nutrients and starts to deteriorate. The natural regenerative processes are not working well any more, and the bones become brittle as a result. This also has emotional effects. When your body's nutrition isn't working properly, you may feel depressed and fatigued and even lose interest in sex. All of a sudden, you feel old and are always tired.

It's not just the chemicals in alcohol that damage the body. Other chemicals are just as dangerous. When the body is overwhelmed with chemicals, it places great strain on the organs of elimination. That is why alcohol and strong medicines based on powerful chemicals always do some damage along with the good.

In TCM, we always look at the whole body and how the different organs work together. The aim is always to help the body heal itself. If you want to help your body heal itself, stop drinking. Your liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines, not to mention your circulatory system, will thank you for it!

Pain Management

Managing pain is one of the most complex and frustrating issues faced by doctors and patients. All too often, persistent pain cannot be cured, only managed with drugs.

Elaine Amor says she was on a cocktail of different medications to control her lower back pain, a hernia and exhaustion from restless leg syndrome, which kept her awake at night. A teacher assistant for special needs high school kids, she found that the physical demands of her job were becoming extremely difficult for her.

"I was unable to get off a chair without pushing myself up, and walking was really painful," she recalls.

Then she met Mike Lang. He took her off the drugs she had become dependent upon, and started an intensive program of acupressure massage. For seven months, he massaged her three times a week, and also put her on a regimen of herbal teas. She says that within three weeks most of her symptoms were disappearing, and now she only sees him occasionally.

"I have great ease of mobility, no pain and lots of energy for my job now," she says, adding, "Mike really helped me a lot."

The miracle here is nothing less than your body's innate ability to return to health when offered the opportunity. By clearing meridian lines of obstructions and providing missing nutrients, your body is allowed to return to its normal state, which is one of vitality and well-being.

The process begins with a diagnosis of the energy points on each of the ears. Pain is often not what it seems. A chronic back-ache, for instance, may be an indicator of liver or intestinal problems.

Stress Management

The need to manage stress in our lives is becoming more urgent--it is epidemic in our work force; and it makes us ill. But what can you do to handle stress in your work and personal life?

You can embark on a regular program of taking care of your body, mind and spirit. Mike Lang offers a unique and extremely effective, holistic approach to lowering stress through Acupressure and Qi-Gong meditation.

Mike is a master of Mongolian Acupressure massage, which he learned from his mother, a respected healer in Inner Mongolia. His years of experience and direct, first hand knowledge now benefit his many grateful clients in Canada and the USA.

His massages have a deeply relaxing yet energizing effect on the body. His experienced fingers activate and free up the flow of energy to the organs. Says Jeff Swanson, one of his clients, "I get relaxed even before his arrival, my body is so conditioned to the relaxing effects of his massage."

But Mike Lang also teaches Qi-Gong meditation. Students learn to become highly aware of their own life energy, or Qi, and how to control it for health. Mike says that everyone can learn how to use that essential energy for health and increased wellness. He says it is possible to control the functions of the autonomic nervous system, which generally suffers under chronic stress. For example, high blood pressure, a symptom of stress, can be controlled through Qi-Gong techniques.

Don't let stress run your life--learn to manage and control it for the sake of your health.