Mike Lang administering an Auriculotherapy treatment

Why Auriculotherapy is so effective

The power of the ear

Auriculotherapy is uniquely easy to learn and practice. Because of the location and sensitivity of the ear, it is the perfect healing tool. The ear is not walked on or needed for any movement (as compared to the feet in foot reflexology, for example) so long term healing processes are possible with the ear acupuncture system. This means that Mike can tape seeds onto the ear acupuncture points that are actively useful for 3 to 5 days. Patients can press the seeds once every hour that they remember (or more often as needed) and give themselves a healing treatment each time. This makes the process highly effective and also gives the patient personal "hands-on" self-healing empowerment.

Taking Away the Pain

The ear is sensitive to this healing pressure as instant pain relief from even the most difficult and long-standing conditions happens for everyone. Mike does this healing publicly at many trade shows and events, including the PNE in Vancouver, and without fail people's pain stops immediately. Many people are entirely sceptical, even resistant, but when they experience the immediate results of this healing modality, they are convinced and amazed that the overwhelming pain they've experienced - sometimes for years - can be stopped instantly.

Mustard seed miracles

The ear is also a useful healing template because needles and other invasive healing modalities are not required. Instead of needles, Mike uses mustard seeds & surgical tape to position the seeds on pressure points that the patient can activate at will. This allows for simplicity, exact placement on the points, self-regulation of pressure, inexpensive treatments, long term placement for patient self-healing control, no allergy reactions and environmentally friendly materials.


Because this is a natural, normal "built-in" physiological process in everyone's body, there are but a few exceptions to this pain-relief. When people are on painkillers or strong medications their bodies are numbed to the pain and the body's physiological responses are slowed down or turned off. As a result, they are not able to feel the pain and so cannot experience the pain relief. Usually, as soon as the effects of the painkiller begins to wear off, they notice that the pain does not return as usual.

Patients who have been on painkillers, strong medications, heavy doses or difficult combinations of pharmaceuticals for several months or more, often require a longer healing time as it takes the body time to clear the medications and their side-effects totally out of their systems. These patients usually see Mike quite often for a few weeks to overcome the "vicious cycle" of taking painkillers to stop the pain caused by the damage caused by the painkillers themselves. Some common over-the-counter painkilling medications are the worst offenders in this regard. Sometimes the problem calls for long term solutions, lower spinal damage, where their pain is immediately relieved but as soon as they move, the damaged area is "re-traumatized" and the pain returns before they even stand up. In cases like this the patients should be resting flat on their backs for a week or so until the body is able to heal the condition to the point where it is not so critical.

The Chinese view of health and dis-ease

Our body's natural healing ability

Our bodies have a natural healing / regeneration system that Mike taps into in his healing work. Knowing all of the ear acupuncture points, he can look at anyone's ear and, analyzing minute marks, colours and textures, and give a very accurate account of injuries, illnesses, surgeries and many other aspects of a person's state of health.

The 100% health standard: Prevention is key

Mike adhere's to the traditional standard of 100 percent health, unlike the commonly used Western medical standard which recognizes disease at about the 40 percent health level (60 percent loss of health.) He recognizes and alerts people to health conditions and challenges that range from headaches to arthritis to diabetes and beyond. Patients appreciate the opportunity to address health issues when they are relatively easy to treat and before they become serious health problems.

Ear acupuncture points as a diagnostic tool

The Ear is a brilliant communicator

If you know what to look for, your entire medical history is written there. Mike knows that black or brown marks or moles indicate old injuries or traumas to the body. Current inflammations are red swollen areas on the ear. A pimple marks the spot of an infection in the body. Surgeries show up as a scar and/or small hole.

Back injuries show up as bumps in the spinal ridge area—Mike can even name the exact vertebrae that have been affected. Most common ailments that show up are stiffness in the spine and other areas of the body representing arthritis in various stages. Most arthritis begins with poor circulation causing build up of toxins and waste materials that the body can't deal with because of lack of energy, lack of nutrition, lack of circulation, etc. These wastes / toxins are then deposited by the body in joints, arteries, fat cells and other locations away from major organs which are vulnerable to damage from these toxins.

Toxins cause pain if the body can't clear them

Toxins can be the normal wear-and-tear wastes of the body but the most dangerous toxins are the residue of chemicals from medications, processed foods, pollution, and, yes, alcohol, etc. The body is not equipped to deal with these unnatural elements and so stores them away in fat cells, joints, arteries and other locations like pockets under the skin until it has the resources to eliminate them. Bodies that are over-stressed through anxiety, trauma, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, overwork, and pollution do not have the extra resources necessary to process these toxins effectively, leading to cumulative buildup of wastes and the eroding of the body's ability to maintain a normal level of health.

Many toxins like heavy metals and manmade chemicals are actually cleared from the body by being stored in cells and, when the cells die, the toxins are cleansed out of the body in the dead cells. This is a natural process that protects the vulnerable vital organs from being damaged by dangerous substances.

Acupuncture modalities

Acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion, laser & electricity treatments

In Chinese the words and concepts associated with the treatments we commonly call "Acupuncture" in the West relate to the idea of releasing blockages to energy flow in the body's meridians or energy pathways through many types of treatments. In the West we have used the term "puncture" as part of "acupuncture" without fully understanding the importance of the energy movement as opposed to the concept of putting needles into the "acupuncture" points.

Pain is a wake-up call

Pain, for instance, is a normal physiological reaction that helps alert us when conscious monitoring does become necessary. Even then we can unconsciously massage a sore spot on our arm without even knowing that the spot is an important "acupuncture" point and that by putting pressure on it, an electrical/chemical reaction is stimulated that overcomes some problem in our physical functioning.

Pressure points are an organic feedback loop

This simple massage stimulates an electrical message sending for a healing response through the meridian and thereby completing an electrical circuit (an acupuncture meridian). This circuit is a feedback loop designed to set off a complex set of self-regulating physical reactions to respond to problems that may be located in another part of the body.

For example, acupuncture points commonly become painful on the shoulders where the acupuncture meridians for the large and small intestines and gallbladder cross along the top of the shoulders. We imagine our shoulders are sore from computer work or stress, etc., and fail to understand the connection between the shoulder pain to the constipation, diarrhea, bloating or other condition we are experiencing in our digestive systems.

Massaging the shoulders may relieve the condition depending on the severity of the intestinal problem or the lifestyle practices that may continue to exacerbate the condition. Unfortunately we often take a painkiller or anti-inflammatory medication to relieve on-going pain if we don't know that the acupuncture meridians are sending us information about these intestinal problems.

Acupuncture meridians are a map of body energy

We have 14 Acupuncture Meridians running, for the most part, from toe to head or finger to head, some with zigzags around the torso and face. These are fluid energy and information pathways that link the extremities to the organs and vice versa.

There are physiological reasons for the locations of the meridians. For instance, some of the meridians on the arms are associated with the Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Lungs, and Heart. Thus when you begin to move your arms to perform some physical activity, these meridians / communication conduits transmit messages to the various organs to alert them that some exertion is beginning so digestion, heart rate and lung activity (along with innumerable other physiological processes) are stimulated to create the energy and body capacity that will be required to complete the activity.

Learning where they are located is like learning where organs are in the body: it's a map delineating the energy pathways. It is very ancient and has proved extremely valuable for over 5000 years. The best part, aside from its proven effectiveness, is that it is simple and inexpensive. Anyone can quickly learn the basics and use them effectively for their own health maintenance as well as to assist others with pain / health challenges.

Organic templates of the body

Most people understand the concept of foot reflexology where the shape of the foot can be seen to represent the whole body. Many have experienced pain relief and relaxation from foot reflexology massage. But not many Westerners realize that, according to Chinese traditional philosophy, many other body parts are also "templates" of the whole body: hands, eyes, ears, face, skull, arms, legs, etc.

This is not at all surprising when we consider that human reproduction starts from a tiny cell and egg meeting and a whole new unique human being grows from these tiny bits of life. Indeed, using modern technology, we can deduce the complete DNA information about the whole body from each cell of our body--and then of course there is the whole astonishing research into cloning which takes one tiny cell and reproduces an exact copy of a whole organic being, presumably including entire human beings.

The ear is a natural template of the entire body

The ear is a natural candidate to be this kind of organic template since it's outer surface is not needed for purposes other than gathering and transmitting sounds into the inner ear sensory channels. Considering how almost every other part of the body has organic multipurpose functions: the combined manipulative / touch sensitive / temperature sensitive functions of hands (to name just a few); taste / digestive / speech / breathing functions of tongues, etc., etc., such an obvious and prominent feature as the ear would likely have more uses than the decorative piercing's (do the holes allow life force to escape?); temperature sensing; embarrassment registering; or convenient handle for recalcitrant children.

All levity aside, the ear can be considered to be a highly sensitive, three-dimensional, interactive, organic, healing interface directly linked into the body's natural, dynamic, automatic, self-regulating, regenerative system. Perhaps it's been there all along and the only mystery is that we haven't discovered this organic override to the body's autonomically controlled pain-relief and healing system earlier.

Considering the West's very recent introduction to the philosophy, practice and scientifically proven effectiveness of "acupuncture" as a whole, this would not be at all surprising. Also unsurprising is that we have a still very limited understanding of the holistic nature of the body's capacity and capability for self-healing. This course is all about how we can empower ourselves to take responsibility and to become active in our own well being through educating ourselves about this venerable healing modality, amazing in its simplicity and effectiveness.