Mike Lang

Welcome to 100% wellness as a lifestyle!

Mike Lang has a remarkable talent for assessing people's underlying health problems just by analyzing the acupuncture points on the ears. The colour of the skin, how hard or soft the area is, and any surface blemishes represent specific conditions elsewhere in the body. More than that, the combination of conditions and flow or disruption of energy, or meridian lines, is crititcal to understanding the return path to 100 percent health.

Mike can also quickly relieve almost any kind of pain, first by putting pressure on the various acupuncture points in the ear, which allows him to do acupuncture treatments without needles. Then his simple, straightforward way of understanding and explaining your body's complex biofeedback mechanisms works to support its innate ability to regenerate, heal and maintain health.

Mike Lang is a registered Acupuncturist, practioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Qi Gong instructor in the Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas of British Columbia, Canada. Most of what you will experience is part of a 5,000 year Chinese tradition of constant support for optimum health rather than ad hoc fights against a variety of diseases.

As a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Mike follows in the footsteps of ancestors who were only paid as long as they kept their patients healthy. Like them, Mike focuses on prevention — on achieving overall wellness through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Mike first became interested in Acupuncture during his teens in Inner Mongolia, watching his mother, a Western trained nurse who was also a respected Acupuncturist. She turned to the methods of traditional Chinese medicine to treat her TB patients during the Cultural Revolution in China, when money and supplies from the West were non-existent. He learned much from her, but continued to study on his own, and has been a practising Acupuncturist since then.

His clients generally don’t like needles, so Mike switched to Acupressure massage, which is actually the precursor to Acupuncture. That massage is more effective because there is immediate feedback between the client and practitioner. Acupressure is based on the same system of Meridian pathways and pressure points as Acupuncture. For Auricular therapy, Mike uses seeds taped to the pressure points of the ear. Clients can apply pressure to the seeds over a period of up to four days, thus prolonging the treatment.

Besides a busy practice based in Langley, Mike also teaches Qi Gong, a form of meditation related to Tai Chi and is working on a book about staying healthy using his system of massage, diet and herbal foods.

Treatment is generally reserved for those who cannot travel to his Langley clinic for any of a variety of reasons.

There are two levels of training: Level One is for those who have a general interest in the principles of Auriculotherapy to help maintain health for themselves or loved ones. Level Two training is structured for those with a desire for a much deeper understanding, whose goal is to one day become a practitioner.